You don’t have to be into music to love music

‘’You don’t have to be into music to love music’’. – What do we mean by that you might ask? Well, what we mean is music really is a versatile, universal language. When it comes to connecting people we believe that Math and Music are interchangeable and that can’t be far from the truth since music is made up of math. We wanted to cover something a little more fun in this article and what’s more fun than a group of people feeling connected to each other and being happy and celebrating!

A clear example of this is sports fans, their main interest is sports but plays ‘We are the champions’ after a win and watch the crowd go wild. They will jump, hug, cry and scream in joy, they will feel connected because they related that song to a feeling.

Another good example of this is the Unibet song, it’s good because the betting brand it is completely irrelevant to the music industry however they have used the secret sauce and created their very own song so when players here this song they feel connected, they all share the fact that they bet with Unibet, therefore, the song gives them a feeling and they sing the song to celebrate this fact and feeling. The Unibet song is extremely popular in Sweden, fans have been known to sing the Unibet song at the grounds and famous Swedish footballers even made their own version. If you’re not familiar with Unibet they are a Swedish betting company who offer a number of betting products available on mobile and desktop! 

Other ways songs connect all kinds of people

There are other ways people can feel connected by song a good example of this is a National Anthem. You can have a group of people from all levels of society who will stand in unity when listening to their national anthem as it is a piece of music that carries a feeling and they stand their together with respect and honour celebrating their song and all that it means to them.

The last example I will give on how music connects people who may not even like music is the Happy Birthday song. This song is universal, okay different people will sing the song in different languages but the tune remains the same. It brings back memories some good some might be bad but they are memories none the less and the song will have the same effect on most people listening to it. If you have ever been lucky enough to have a friend or family member sing happy birthday to you in a public place you probably noticed a random group of people or person joined in to wish you a happy birthday, that is the beauty of music!